1.5MW Solar Tracker - Adani Renewables, Kamuthi - Tamilnadu


  • The World’s largest single-location solar power project was commissioned by the Adani Renewables at Kamuthi, in Tamil Nadu, with an investment of around INR 45.5 billion. It spans a vast area of 2,500 acres, equivalent to about 950 Olympic-sized football fields. The massive plant comprises 2.5 million solar modules, 380,000 foundations, 30,000 tonnes of structure, 6000 km of cables, 576 inverters and 154 transformers.
  • It’s an immense pleasure for us that we have been offered the opportunity to provide our Single Axis Horizontal tracker solution for a 1.5MW project. A total of 11 trackers has been installed. Nisa makes actuators, Igus make polymer bearings and Eaton make UPS power backup for each tracker are some of the key features of the project.

Process Deployed

  • Plant Size:- 1.5MW
  • Make of Module: Hanwha PolyCrystalline
  • Make of Inverter:- ABB Central Inverters
  • Structure:- Single Axis Horizontal Tracker

Impact of Solution

This Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic plant has been erected on a total of 2500 acres of land. The daily generation at the site is 18% more than the fixed structure. Thus the annual expected generation at the site is 1.83 million kWh/year/ MW and thereby reducing Co2 Emission by 4772 Tons/Year in the Environment. The above said project of 648 MW is one of the world’s largest single-location projects.

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